Tyrwhitt Road


A project for a single-storey extension to the rear of a late Victorian semi-detached property in South London. The property is located within a Conservation Area. Houses in the area are characterised by generous rear gardens with mature planting. A key concern was to create a stronger spatial connection between the garden and the house and an interior that benefits from generous levels of natural light.

The existing rear addition is extended at ground floor level into the existing open side return. The extension is full width of the property and houses a new open plan kitchen dining space. A small courtyard is placed between the rear wall of the extension and the main house. This permits the admission of natural light into the rear of the new extension and maintains natural light into the rear room of the main house. The kitchen window looks into the new courtyard space.

The extension is finished in white render and aesthetically reads as an addition to the main house.  Two sliding folding glass walls link the main living space in the extension to the courtyard and garden on either side. These are able to fold back and permit a fully open connection between the inside and outside spaces. The solid elements of construction are super insulated to compensate for the large area of glazing, and the property is designed to a standard significantly above the minimum required by Building Regulations.

Two large rooflights are positioned so that they receive afternoon sun that falls across the property. A cantilevering glass box adds depth to the composition of the rear elevation a forms a window seat that looks out over the garden.