Dewhurst Road


The client came to us with a brief to enhance their four-bedroom Victorian terraced house. With four energetic children, they sought a large contemporary family room in which to entertain, relax and be together.

The rear of the house was made up of small and disjointed rooms with limited access to the garden. The new family space was created by amalgamating the existing rooms, lowering the floor to garden level and adding the new extension. Long slot rooflights create a bright communal space with full width glazed doors opening directly out to the garden. The sense of connection to the garden is an important part of the composition. Even on a rainy day or dark winter’s night, garden features and lighting draws the eye and completes the composition

Concrete walls and surfaces create the connection between the inside and outside. A poured concrete floor meets a feature wall of board-marked concrete running the full length of the room. The space extends out to the end of the garden to form a seating area. The arrangement of the seating area continues the internal composition in the form of concrete planters.

Landscape designer Jules Roeber enlivened the garden with a selection of plants inspired by the colours and textures of the concrete with blue and silvery grey tones.

As a contrast to the new family room, the internal rooms retain their distinct Victorian characteristics and decorative detailing. A new oak floor creates a continuous floor surface leading from the family room.