The Lodge


A scheme for a new mixed-use building on a brownfield site to the edge of Southwark Park. The proposal is for a fitness centre and residents parking at Ground Floor with nine residential apartments above. The site fronts onto Lower Road and is bordered by Southwark Park on two sides and a Swedish Seamen’s church, now used as a traveller’s hostel, on the other. The position of the site within a flood risk zone meant that it was a requirement for all residential accommodation to be located at First Floor level.

The proposal has been carefully designed to permit the retention of a mature London Plane tree at the front of the site. The building volume is also set away from the flank wall of the neighbouring church. The spaces around the building are used to house a series of communal external spaces. A variety of materials and planting are used to create a different character for each particular external space.

To the rear is a public courtyard that is intended for use by residents and visitors to the Holistic fitness centre. The courtyard is formed from timber and corresponds to a colonnade that is part of the neighbouring Swedish church. The coffee bar that is part of the fitness centre opens to this courtyard via an extensively glazed elevation of sliding folding screens.

The flats are arranged around a central stair, accessed from the external communal space at the side of the building. Flats are arranged so that living spaces have a Southerly orientation and benefit from views across the park. Towards the park the fa├žade becomes more open in character with balconies and larger areas of glazing taking advantage of the views over the park and potential solar gains. The balconies are of the loggia type, located within the volume of building. This gives a clearer formal definition to the building volume and also provides summer solar shading to the glazing behind.