Milman Road

London NW6

This handsome end of terrace house is situated in a commanding position but featured blank walls along its south-facing facade. We felt the house needed to embrace southerly light. 

This end elevation derives its peculiar stepped pattern from the acute angle of the side street. We designed the new side extension to continue this pattern as a series of extruded volumes topped in glass. The once narrow kitchen is now a broad family room with views to the sky.

The theme of openness continued through to the interior the house, taking the opportunity of a loft conversion to create a double height hall open to the ridge. A new staircase of folded oak rises up within the hall under a linear slot window.

Bespoke joinery was integrated in all the rooms to reflect the use; folded bookshelves within the study to panelled wardrobes in the master suite. Kitchen design by Day True Interiors.