Queen’s Park Redevelopment


Queen’s Park Ward is a mainly residential district of the borough of Westminster largely centred around a historic conservation area of Victorian artisan’s cottages. Since 2012 we have been involved with Queen’s Park Community Council to identify and develop ideas for the regeneration of this district. We have participated in meetings with the local councillors and residents to locate a number of sites around the ward that are in need of improvement.

We worked with urban designers Publica to research and develop the Queen’s Park Neighbourhood Plan. This involved hosting neighbourhood workshops and assessing the resident’s wish lists. Several sites have emerged from this research.

The most engaging of these sites is Canal Terrace. This terrace of twenty-nine units occupies a thin sliver of land between Harrow Road and the Regent’s Canal. This terrace is presently mostly derelict. We have been designing proposals for unlocking its potential, in conjunction with holding meetings with the planners and councillors to develop an aesthetic approach.

Another area of interest is a small park in the centre of the ward. Although the product of the history of the neighbourhood, this park presently appears nondescript and bland. We seek to enliven the spaces contained within through a resurrection of its rich historic past.